Artist's Statement

My art represents nature. Not the external, surface attributes, but the underlying scheme.
The abstract fabrication of chemicals, cells, atoms. The dynamic, interactive qualities.

Nature's system of fabricating elements is symbolized by weaving. Interweave.
Human production of rugs, blankets, paintings imitates nature. Woven images mirror environmental forms, natural phenomena.

Like a woven fabric, blue-paint sky subtly veils the shining, permeating light. Energy.
Solid earth-forms reflect this light. Space expands. Mind and body are transformed.
Becoming, but not being.

Everchanging. Nature is alive, robust. My imagery is spontaneous, unpredictable, surprising.
An imitation of nature. And its universal elegance of color.

As Mondrian once said:

"We ought not to look past nature; rather we should look through it; we ought to see more deeply, our vision should be abstract, universal. Then externality will become for us what it really is: the mirror of truth."